Italian women Fashion clothing manufacturing way, made in Italy girls fashion cloths manufacturing suppliers for B2B women clothing distributors, wholesale apparel vendors and b2b teenage clothing private label manufacturing companies, our company create woman coats for wholesalers, ladies padded jackets collection, fashion woman vest, Italian woman party dress, teenage sport suits products, made in Italy knitwear clothing collections, private label sweaters brand, italian hooties manufacturer supply, Italian shirts pants, women shorts, teenager skirts, teens t-shirts and tops for ladies and teenagers market to support worldwide distributors in the United States of America, China, Europe, Middle East and Latin America

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PRIVATE LABEL DESIGN - MADE IN ITALY COLLECTIONS FOR YOUR BRAND As Italian Fashion designers and made In Italy manufacturer industry we offer our traditional design capabilities to define your women fashion collection for Private Label Brands supporting overseas manufacturers, wholesale b2b distributors and b2b international fashion clothing buyers. Our professional design department allows you to create that perfect synergy you're looking for your market and deluxe customers it's not just patterns and fabrics matter it's passion, it's culture it's part of our life to design all the best for us and for each of our premium Private Label Branding partner. Italian fashion collection designed for your brand development plus full manufacturing service including labels and packaging for your business

Private label fashion products

Private Label collections design and manufacturing


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MADE IN ITALY FASHION STYLIST DESIGNERS As Italian Fashion Way manufacturing industry we offer clothing, apparel design, top fabrics, new accessories and smart fashion trends to the global B2B manufacturers, distributors, famous brands and retailers chain, at Italian Fashion way we understand that is the right time to come together as a fashion way global community to create the best and the most trend clothing to increase the fashion industry quality.

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FASHION APPAREL FOR B2B WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS, Italian Fashion Way company offers to clothing wholesalers fashion distribution business the best Italian creations of coats, customized padded jackets, girls jackets, trends fashion vest, lady dress, teen sport suits, teenage knitwear, fashion sweaters, women hoodies, best deluxe women shirts, trend pants, shorts fabrics, fit skirts, young t-shirts and tops for ladies, woman, girls and teenagers distribution market to support worldwide B2B apparel business. The manufacturer and Italian design knowledge now available to increase distributors business

FASHION STYLIST INNOVATION DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY as manufacturers Made in Italy Fashion Way it centers his business manufacturing company goals around the traditional three made in Italy concepts: innovation, creation and technology to design and develop new fabrics, products, collections, brands to the worldwide fashion clothing industries and this 2021 including the best customer services of the fashion industry in Spanish, Italian, English and Chinese language.


Fashion padded jackets and coats for women, created and designed in Italy for wholesale fashion distributors in the United States of America, Middle East, Asia and Europe market

ITALIAN FASHION MANUFACTURING WAY Whether you’re in the mood for fashion tricks, outfit ideas, new collections, new brand, industry news, celebrity street style, or simply want to have the latest styles to your market you’ve come to the right place "Italian Fashion Way". We won’t just share to you our hottest trends, from dress, skirts, t-shirts, to coats and jackets, we’ll show you how to get the best look collection for your market and support your fashion professionals how to sale it.







FASHION ACCESSORIES MANUFACTURING - ACCESSORIES MADE IN ITALY As clothing manufacturers we understand that modern women love to layer delicate fashion accessories as necklaces, adding a statement earring, or throwing on a scarf, oftentimes accessories are essential for taking outfits to the next level, for this reason our designers have designed a line of accessories to match our clothing solutions. Our main idea it's to improve what we offer in our fashion coats, padded jackets, lady vest, woman dress, sport suits, knitwear, sweaters, hoodies, shirts pants, shorts, skirts, t-shirts and tops for ladies, woman, girls and teenagers market to support worldwide distributors,.. Made in Italy woman fashion accessories manufacturing for clothing B2B distributors



TEEN SKIRTS MADE IN ITALY Italian Fashion Way manufacturing industry produces exclusive skirts patterns, fabrics and designs for our teenage distributors

ITALIAN TEENAGE FASHION deluxe women skirts design manufacturing industry for b2b wholesale distributors companies of Italian women skirts

PRIVATE LABEL TEENS TREND we develop and produce your teenage brand using exclusive fabrics and  patterns for your branding products





TEENAGE PRIVATE LABEL CLOTHS MANUFACTURING - TOTAL LOOK TEENS COLLECTION we do private label for industrial Buyers, B2B teen's fashion distributors, teenage wholesale fashion companies, we use to coordinate to design an exclusive teenage girls fashion clothing collection to our customers. Girls teen total look private label developed according to your regional market to fit teenage trends using the best patterns, designs, styles made in Italy, a touch of charm for each branding clothing, customized accessories for girls teens for season offered as plus for your made in Italy fashion private label collection. Total Look manufacturers girls skirts, coats, teen padded jackets, fashion vest, woman dress, sport suits, knitwear, sweaters, hoodies, shirts pants, shorts, t-shirts and tops to support teens b2b distributors







DRESSES MADE IN ITALY Italian Fashion Way manufacturing industry produces exclusive patterns, fabrics and designs for our b2b distributors

MADE IN ITALY FASHION DRESS elegant women dresses manufacturing industry for wholesale distribution companies of Italian women dress

PRIVATE LABEL WOMEN DRESS we design, develop and produce your branding products all the year offering exclusive patterns and fabrics for your B2B



FOR INFO AND CUSTOMER SERVICE CALL IN ITALY: +39.333.6371644 (Whatsapp & Wechat)


GLOBAL SEASON FOCUS As global manufacturing company, we understand the different seasons worldwide then, we produce our women clothing products the whole year, four calendar seasons in our manufacturing calendar are the same. As manufacturers, we can produce and ship to you, everywhere, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter women fashion clothing at the same time using fabrics available. Typically in the fashion world, these are combined into two seasons as Spring Summer and Fall Winter. Spring Summer begins in January and ends in June. We really care about your business, we produce for all seasons all the time.






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Coats made in Italy

Padded Jackets for Women Classic Woman Jackets Knitwear Collections

Italian fashion way manufacturing company for made in Italy clothing lovers

Fashion women t-shirts manufacturing industry for retailers and distribution channel

Women fashion vest manufacturer for wholesaler clothing vendors

Women sweaters manufacturing supplies for clothing distribution


Italian Woman Dress

Women T-shirts Girls Fashion Vest Women Sweaters

Italian sweatshirts and hoodies manufacturing company for b2b apparel supply

Italian women dress manufacturing supplies for wholesalers and distributors

Made in Italy lady skirts manufacturing suppliers for wholesale business to business

Italian lady shirts manufacturing vendors for clothing business vendors


Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Women Fashion Suits Lady fashion Skirts Made in Italy Lady Shirts

Woman tracksuits made in Italy for b2b wholesale vendors

Italian woman shorts manufacturing supply for clothes distribution

Ladies pants collection manufacturing suppliers for clothes business

Italian women tops manufacturer for B2B wholesale supply

  Tracksuits (Sportsuits) Women Smart Shorts Ladies elegant Pants Women fashion Tops



TEENAGE FASHION TREND, We develop and produce the best trend clothing styles adopted by young people, we understand the teenage powerful influence on the development of fashion for the B2B teens fashion distribution. As manufacturing industry we follow the growth market of young people's spending power ensured that the youth market became a crucial sector of the fashion business. We design several styles, from t-shirts, coats, pants, skirts, padded jackets, tops adopted by teenage people, according to the influence on wider fashion trends to support teenager distribution business suppliers.





Teenage Girls Fashion

Teen Summer Fashion

Teen Winter Clothing

Teens Private Label




CLOTHING DESIGN TO PRIVATE LABEL MANUFACTURERS Our Made In Italy Fashion Way clothing collections are available for industrial manufacturer private label. Discover our luxurious clothing designers collections contacting our B2B fashion sales managers, from sketch to final manufacturing process our design department control and verified the exactly production according to the original designs. We guarantee Made in Italy tradition fabrics and styles


Made in Italy design, apparel collections for distributors, clothing and garment products for wholesalers

MADE IN ITALIAN FASHION DESIGN WAY, The made In Italy fashion clothing design is part of our tradition way to define, select, prepare and develop fabrics and final clothing products to offer a glamorous selection of chic clothing to the women and teenage girls business distribution market. Our Italian woman and teens clothes combine a fabulous quality fabrics with effortless Italian style. We do only made In Italy collections, offering our Italian styled fashion from fabrics quality and designers touch to guarantee many styles for all occasions.

Made in Italy design


PRIVATE LABEL MANUFACTURING PROCESS  FOR WOMEN FASHION At Italian fashion way company, we operate mass production of clothing for famous fashion brands we are the best Italian outsource works for many important overseas clothing manufacturers. Our company offers Private Label Clothing fabrics design and production using our high end quality for clothing. Italy is the most strongest fashion representatives of Europe for manufacturing clothes for deluxe brands.


MANUFACTURING PROCESS WAY FOR ITALIAN FASHION, The Italian fashion clothing manufacturing process starts from sketch and definition of the Patterns this process can be done using paper and digital tools, then should be the sorting out of each patterns, after digitizing, to the production management plan getting patterns ready for manufacturing process, cutting the fabric, developing the complete sets for the seamstresses, to get the final colors and Trims, adjusting the machines with single setup according to the process, finally, sewing and finishing.



Italian Fashion way srl is one of the most important Italian manufacturer of women fashion clothing industry, private label teenage clothes for dealers distributors & suppliers, clothing manufacturing, using fashion accessories of new apparel technology offering private label for fashion manufacturers. Our mission is to produce deluxe clothing for distributors in Europe, USA, Asia and Middle East including private label for following markets: Italy, Vietnam, Asia, Austria, Japan, France, US, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine Greece, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta, Ohio in USA, Panama, Australia, Japan, China, India, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai UAE, Kuwait, GCC, Qatar, Thailand, Korea, USA, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, Canada, United States of America, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Spain, Finland, Albania, Romania, Thailand, Mexico, Venezuela, Chile Ecuador, Paraguay,... supporting the luxury b2b fashion business to business distribution.




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